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From The Portland Culinary Podcast to The Culinary Treasure Podcast

Episode 68 – The Portland Culinary Podcast

Episode 69 – The Culinary Treasure Podcast 

The Culinary Treasure Podcast started out as the Portland Culinary Podcast. The Portland Culinary Podcast had 68 episodes.

This change was made to better reflect that fact that we started doing podcasts all over the world and we were no longer a portland area only podcast.

We still have the same format and we are still telling culinary stories.

To see episodes 1 through 68 you can go to the Portland Culinary Podcast website –

The Culinary Treasure Podcast

Chefs, Winemakers, Distillers, Bakers, and More – Culinary Stories You Will Love!

The Culinary Treasure Podcast is hosted by Steven Shomler and is part of the Culinary Treasure Network.

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